Friday, November 16, 2018

"The Victims in the Willows" - Available Now!

Boating. Picnics. Murder.

Just another tranquil day in Willowdell.

"The Victims in the Willows," Book One of the Riverbank Dreadfuls, is an imaginative collision of the worlds of Arthur Conan Doyle and Kenneth Grahame; of Holmes & Watson and Rat & Mole; of serenity and horror; of light and shadow.

Join Ratty and Moley as they pursue the culprit of a grisly double-murder, racing against the clock before an innocent animal pays a bloody price.

The book is available in THREE formats!

The PAPERBACK and KINDLE edition are available on Amazon HERE. (UK link HERE.)

The handmade, deluxe, limited edition hardcover is available only on my ETSY store (link HERE).

These books are painstakingly hand-stitched, bound and pressed one at a time, each copy requiring a full day for manufacture.

The inside covers are hand-detailed with (what I assure you are) fake blood stains. The front of each book bears the author's painted insignia, and each copy is signed by the author.

Every edition of the book features illustrations by JJ MacLeod and Jaylene Chung.

"I'm a haberdasher, not a hero!"
Our narrator, Ormond Sacker Molentine, illustrated by JJ MacLeod
"We have until nightfall; then death and madness have jurisdiction."
Our hero, Sherrinford Hope-Ratch Arvikohl, illustrated by JJ MacLeod
"I can endure anything apart from exercise and sobriety."
Concept art for Cecil T Buphon, esq. by Peter Hamilton
These colorful characters and several others are waiting for you in the pages of "The Victims in the Willows."

We'll see you on the riverbank.